About Us

Moist, delicious, affordable and fresh cakes for you and your family. That's what's on our menu – and we are glad you've stopped by for a little taste. 


We offer you and your family home made cakes delectable and made to order. We tailor the cake to the individual person we are making it for. No cake is too small or too large to order. 3D, sheet cakes, tiered cakes and anything in-between. Just contact us for a quote and on larger orders a cake tasting.

Bon appétit!

Think about having a kids party were the children can make their own gumpaste animals.  They can make the animal figure then eat them.  Yum!!  Call for details! 

Walnutport, PA | 610-462-7398

We also make adult cakes.   If you are interested in that kind of cake please contact me.  We will be happy to design a cake you envision.   


Our food is all made with fresh ingredients. Let us know if you have dietary restrictions - we work our best to make the cake you desire.    Have made Fat Free, Sugar Free and Gluten Free cakes.  

Artistic License Disclaimer:

Every cake we make is hand-made. Decorative finishes are done by hand and are subject to the artistic interpretation of our expert cake decorators. You may provide us with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, we make no claims for exact duplication of the work done by other cake decorators.


Upon pick-up of your cake, adjustments to the cake decoration can be made for an additional charge.  Pick up orders - We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up or any time thereafter.   If cake delivered by Cheryl Robin Cakes they will set it up if a place is available. After the cake  leaves Cheryl Robin Cakes hands we are not liable for any damage. 

Customer Reviews 

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